Surrender to the power of now...

While it does not say that verbatim, this book warns readers from letting their minds take control over their lives. This is basically the idea behind the book entitled “The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment,” by Eckhart Tolle.

The book says that we are not our minds, but most people are controlled by their minds.  So, for their liberation, human beings should regain control of their lives from their number one enemy, so to speak, which is the mind. Reading the book, you realise that the author has a point and he shares it in a clear and spiritual way, rather than a logical way. 

The book challenges the original wisdom that fear is normal and even essential to a human being. Instead, the author stresses that common sense is what we need, not fear, to gear us away from what is harmful.  Traditionally, to deal with the fear of public speaking, for example, one should recognize that fear is something normal and even welcome it as it would prepare him/her for the speech he would deliver, according to experts.

The book, to the contrary of conventional ways, says that instead of accepting and recognizing fear, one should observe it, but not let it take control over one’s self.  Only then, fear will simply go away. To prove that point, the book argues that our fear of public speaking, for example, is a fear of the future rather than the fear of the present.  One would be terrified of facing the audience, or the audience judging him/her as incompetent or mocking him/ her. This is all fear of the future, not the present moment.  People deal with the present without fear. They only get afraid when they think of the past, of a previous failure speaking-engagement, for instance, or when they think of the future, which is what they are afraid will happen to them.

There is a lot more in the book, but the most captivating and even shocking parts are the initial chapters, where the author seems to be taking the readers through a difficult paradigm shift, challenging almost the very way they think about their existence.  The book starts by helping them recognize their inner selves, beyond the mind and understanding what the “Now” means.  Then, it shows readers how the mind prevents them from enjoying what is now and how to diminish the power of mind control by living in the present.  The last chapters seem to rebuild what was disassembled in the earlier chapters. In the final chapters, the book goes deeper into rebuilding relationships and finding happiness in the new form, which is the present.

Some might find Tolle’s book, which was published in 2004, too philosophical, but the author seems to have put in lots of effort not to turn his work into the philosophical argument it can very well be. 

For a business person, “The Power of Now”  is an eye opener that there is much more to life than work. It is a great reminder not to get too entangled into one’s ego-built image of the  self.  In general, the book helps businessmen look at work in a new fashion, focusing on the beauty of the present, and the relationships with other people sharing the present with them at work and in personal life. 

The bestseller, with over two million copies sold, contains almost two hundred pages in a soothing blue soft cover. The author has a later book on the same subject published in 2006 and entitled,  “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.”

Thursday, March 8, 2007

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