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Dear PMP® Candidate,

Hundreds of PMP® Candidates, just like you, are looking for the best training to fulfill the PMP® exam training requirements and prepare for the PMP® Exam.  They start shopping for a training course, and many end up choosing one that promises passing on the first try.  Some go for cheaper training courses that end up being a disappointment as far as quality of the material and the instructions.  Others find material that helps them prepare for the PMP® exam, but does not provide any practical guidance on how to implement project management best practices on their actual projects.  So, even after they take the course, they are still unclear about how to professionally manage projects, according to PMI® standards.

The truth is that the best way to prepare for the PMP® exam is to take a training that teaches you the project management best practices and how to apply them on real projects.  After all, the exam is primarily designed to test your ability to do just that. 

Ammar W. Mango, the 733rd PMP to be certified worldwide, puts his expertise of fifteen years in PMP® exam preparation, along with his twenty years of project management global experience in helping you pass the PMP® exam the right way.  This way not only you prepare for the PMP® exam, but you have the knowledge of how to apply these best practices on your projects and reap the rewards of being a true Professional Project Manager.

Please examine below the facts that make Method's Online PMP® Training Head and Shoulders above the rest:


How is this training different than other PMP® Training courses?

  •  It focuses on the real spirit of the Project Management Institute (PMI), which is implied, rather than written, in the PMBOK® Guide 4th edition, along with all the other PMI® standards.  Understanding this spirit is a key to passing the PMP® exam.
  • It is important that a project manager has a set of values, professional and ethical standards to adhere to before focusing on the hard skills of project management.   This is what this training helps you do.  On top of the rigorous training on the hard skills like scope definition, schedule development, cost estimating, it also provides ample discussions on the soft skills that PMI also focuses on like communication skills, conflict resolution, and team development. 
  • One of the key researches of PMI identifies communication skills as the most prominent skills among successful project managers.  While other training courses miss this important point, this training focuses on it as much as it does on hard skills. 

The over thousand people who attended Ammar W. Mango’s training can vouch for this spirit and how it affected positively their ability to become better project managers.


“…Today, and after I obtained my certificate, please allow me to thank you very much for your efforts to help me and the others prepare well. Your advice from your rich experience, your stories at the first of every topic we discussed, and your valued comments found their way right to my head when I sat for the exam.  My biggest fear was that I won't pass the situational questions due to my modest experience.  Frankly I was wrong as  I forgot to count your experience and add it to mine.” S. Rasheed, CIO Strategic Assistant, HBTF Bank.


Who should attend Method’s PMP® Online Training?

Does This Describe Your Situation Now?

  • Your company has a requirement of all its Project Managers to attain the PMP® certificate to advance their project management careers at the organization.
  • You feel your career is at a plateau and can get a boost from obtaining the prestigious PMP® credential.
  • You have heard about the different training options available for you and not sure which one you should pick.
  • You feel confused at the vast amount of training resources available on the web, with a big difference in prices among them.
  • You cannot attend a classroom course for PMP® preparation because the timing of the course is never convenient.
  • You have ruled out a classroom training, because all the good instructors’ courses are cost prohibitive.
  • You want an online training course that simulates as closely as possible the actual classroom training atmosphere.
  • You want personalized treatment from the instructor, by answering your questions by email, or even by phone if necessary.
  • You want realistic case studies and examples that can help you apply what you learn to the actual projects you will work on in the future.
  • If any of the statements above describes you,  have great news for you! You are minutes away from joining the right online course that fits your needs and helps you achieve your goals.

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What are Method’s Online PMP® Training Highlights?

  • Stop worrying about making the wrong decision in selecting the right class! This course is proven and has been getting raving reviews by clients worldwide.  We pride ourselves on our 100% customer satisfaction rate we have maintained over the years.
  • The Method Online Training shows you how to pass the PMP® exam on your first try, without taking any shortcuts that might hurt rather than advance your future career.

Ammar Mango has spent twenty years consulting and training on the subject of project management, and in this course he shares the tips and ideas he has learned along the way. Did you know that?

  • Your soft skills are a big part of who you are as a project manager.
  • This training helps you build the soft, along with the hard skills of project management.
  • The exam is focusing more and more on your ability to apply the PMBOK® Guide best practices to actual projects than your ability to memorize the PMBOK® Guide.
  • After reviewing hundreds of exam preparation materials, Ammar has found a successful approach to help his clients pass the PMP® exam on their first try.
  • Studying for the exam using material that focuses on the PMBOK® Guide knowledge areas (which is probably 90% of the training out there), rather than the project management process groups is a poor way to prepare for the PMP® exam.  PMI itself gives you your final score based on the process groups rather than by knowledge areas.
  • More and more PMP® exam questions cannot be attributed to a single PMBOK® Guide knowledge area, but integrate multiple knowledge areas together in the same question.

Ammar shares these and many other techniques and concepts with you in this course. Stop waiting for the right course — start preparing for the PMP® the right way with this online training!

"I feel as if the instructor is really in front of me, watching my facial expressions; feeling good or bad and accordingly responding and answering the questions on my mind." R. Ashayer, PMP

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How will Method’s Online PMP® Training Help Me?

Here Is How Method’s Online PMP® Course will Help You

  • It will prepare you to take the PMP® exam and pass on your first try
  • You will have the prestigious PMP® designation next to your name once you pass the PMP® exam
  • You will get a Certificate from Method as a Registered Education Provider of PMI
  • You will improve your chances of landing a better project management position or climb up the career ladder at your current organization
  • Management and colleagues will listen more closely to your project management related recommendations which will be backed by the Best Practices you will learn on the course
  • You will be better equipped to deal with tough project related situations based on the practical and effective advice provided by Ammar throughout the training

" ..Ammar's training rises to a world class level as it does not merely focus on getting the PMP® certification, but, it takes you further to become a better project manager, dare I say, even a better person.."  Ahed Al Adwan, PMP

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What will I learn in this training as related to Passing the PMP® Exam?

Get the Method's Online PMP® Training and Learn How to study more effectively for the PMP®, Including

  • The very first steps you have to take to improve your chances of passing the PMP® exam
  • How to manage your time
  • Which parts of the material to focus more on and which parts you need to put less time and effort studying
  • How to make reading the PMBOK® Guide a smoother and more comfortable experience
  • Which sample PMP® exams to use and which ones to ignore
  • Sources for additional free resources for PMP® preparation
  • How to focus more on the process groups rather than just study the knowledge areas
  • Break studying for the exam into more manageable chunks to help you better organize your time and get a grip on your exam preparation plan
  • The most important concepts PMI wants you to focus on as a PMP®
  • Which areas the PMP® Exam Specifications highlights as concepts that a project manager should understand to pass the PMP® exam
  • The “spirit” of PMI which is implied in the PMBOK® Guide rather than clearly stated.  Understanding of this spirit will help you answer many of the exam questions
  • Learn about the professional responsibilities of the Project Manager

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What will I learn in this training as related to Managing real projects?

Additionally, Learn These Essential Project Management Concepts from Method’s Online Training

  • How to Develop an effective project plan
  • How to identify potential areas of problems on your project and how to deal with them
  • How to be a proactive project manager by anticipating problems before they happen and deal with them properly
  • How to manage stakeholders expectations and help everyone focus on achieving project success
  • The proper way to identify project scope and how to get mutual understanding and agreement on the scope from stakeholders
  • What initiating a project really means and the importance of developing the project charter properly
  • How setting the right plan will tremendously improve your chances of project success
  • The real spirit a Project Manager should have to succeed in project executing and keeping all stakeholders focusing on the project
  • How controlling a project should be tied to the project baselines and how to identify potential problem areas
  • How to properly close a project to highlight project success and learn from project lessons for the future
  • How to resolve conflicts among stakeholders in the best interest of the project
  • How to promote a win-win strategy for problem solving on your project and among stakeholders

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What is the course outline?

Table of Contents of the Method’s Online PMP® Training

  • Getting Started (Try it for Free)
  • Passing the PMP® Exam
  • Part 1: The Project Management Framework
  • Module1:  Introduction
  • Module2:  Project Lifecycle and Organization
  • Module3: Project Management Processes & Knowledge Areas
  • Part 2: The Project Management Process Groups
  • Module4: Project Initiating Process Group (Try it for Free)
  • Module5: Project Planning Process group - Introduction
  • Module6: Project Planning Process Group - Scope Baseline
  • Module7: Project Planning Process Group - Schedule Baseline
  • Module8: Project Planning Process Group - Cost and Quality Baselines
  • Module9: Project Planning Process Group - Prepare HR, Communication& Procurement Plans
  • Module10: Project Planning Process Group - Risk Register
  • Module11: Project Executing Process Group
  • Module12: Project Monitoring & Controlling Process Group
  • Module13: Project Closing Process Group
  • Part 3: Appendices
  • Module14: Professional Responsibility
  • Module15: Complete Case Study
  • Module16: Final Practice Exam

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But why should I trust Method?

  • Ammar Mango, the instructor, has been consulting and training in project management for almost twenty years.  His credentials include providing consulting and training to several Fortune 100 companies around the world. 
  •   Check the list of our clients. Also, check out sample testimonials from previous clients. Please feel free to review them to get more comfortable with the level of quality service our clients are used to receive from us.  If you still need more proof, We will be happy to provide you with phone numbers of previous clients who allowed me to use their phone number and contact information to vouch for our integrity and quality delivery and products. 
  • Method is a Global Registered Education Provider of the Project Management Institute (PMI®).  To receive this recognition, PMI subjects its providers to a thorough quality review of their material as well as the quality of their instructors and the design of their courses.  We are among the leading organizations worldwide to receive this honor from PMI®
  • Method's online PMP® training is not only a preparation course, but also is a source of knowledge and skills based on PMI best practices, to be used in real life projects.
  • Ammar Mango is a senior member of the American Society for Quality, and has received the Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB) from them.  He is also a member of the Project Management Institute since 1990 and among the first few hundred PMP® candidates to be certified. 
  • Ammar Mango has participated as a reviewer in reviewing several PMI standards and recognized for his contributions by PMI®.  He is also a published author on the subject of project management and a columnist on the subject.  His articles were highlighted in previous issues of PMI’s PM Network® and has been a guest speaker at previous PMI® symposium since 1993.
  • Ammar Mango is the founder of PMI® Jordan chapter.
  • Ammar Mango has participated in preparing the PMP® exam set by PMI in 1998.
  • The Training audio was not done by a hired narrator, but by Ammar Mango himself so as to directly communicate his ideas and thoughts to you directly for maximum benefit.
  • The passing rate is 94%.

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But why not buy cheaper online PMP® training available on the web?

  • What you need is not just a PMP® training.  You need one that will take you step by step towards successfully passing the PMP® and building your capacity as a project manager.  Many of the training available cheaply on the internet dumps the information on you as if you were buying a poorly formatted book. 
  • Our Online PMP® training provides the classroom effect so that you feel you are listening directly to the instructor and watching the slides in a classroom setting.  The instructor leads you every step of the way and even provides elaboration and assistance on the several exercises and case studies he provides throughout the training. 
  • Many of the instructors that provide the PMP® training have little Project Management Experience.  So, they try to teach the material just to have you pass, not to make you a better project manager.
  • The material used in Method’s Online PMP® training was built to promote the PMI® mission which is to advance the project management profession, and that is only possible by providing training that provides value to participants beyond just passing the PMP® exam.

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What do I get when I buy this training?

Alright, Let's See What You Get

  • Online PMP® training using slides guided by instructor though audio
  • Case studies from real projects and real project managers
  • Tens of examples with solutions on how to develop the different project management documents including the project charter, scope statement, WBS, schedule, …etc.
  • Hundreds of Sample PMP® questions that are of extreme value in preparing for the PMP® exam.
  • Method's PMP® Mock exam with no charge.
  • Downloadable and printable pdf files including all the materials and exercises.
  • Personal support from Ammar Mango himself via personal email though which he will respond to your questions within 24 hours.

" Really, what ever I will say will not be enough of your excellent course. It is so convenient and easy to use at any time. It made preparing for the PMP® exam easy and even fun"  R. Zayyat

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The Course Is Delivered Instantly

The Method’s Online PMP® Course is delivered to you within 24 hours or less from receiving your payment.  You don't have to wait for it for 3-10 business days - you will get access to it within 24 hours after your payment is processed. Whether it is 5 o'clock in the morning or 11 o'clock at night, you can get immediate access to Method's Online PMP® Training.


Tell me about your Money Back Guarantee?

100% Money Back Guarantee

We want to help you Pass the PMP® exam. Therefore we offer a 30day/3 modules money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our training after taking the first three modules, within 30 days, we will refund your money. Just contact us and tell us that you are not interested in the training. We will refund every penny of the purchase price, no questions asked.


What should I do next?

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Are there other forms of payment other than by credit card?

Yes. You can pay by:

1. Paypal: by choosing  " method of payment: Pay Pal" in the form page of the Buy Now link. 

2. Western Union: by transferring funds to Eman Khalil Afghani, Financial Manager, Method, Jordan. Make sure to send us the transfer code provided to you by Western Union by email to eafghani@methodcorp.com.

3. You can pay by cash or check at our headquarters at Abul Haj Complex, Suite 801, Queen Rania Street, Amman, Jordan. Tel: +962-6-5153802.

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