Method Clients


Method Construction Project Management / Consultancy Clients


Consolidated Consultants ( CC )


“CC for Engineering and environment is regionally recognized as one of the leading engineering in construction management and services firms. It is classified by the government tenders directorate/Ministry of Public Works and Housing in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan as a grade 1”A” consulting firm in construction management, building and architecture, Transportation and water and wastewater as well as environmental studies.”



Arabtech Jardaneh


“The Arabtech Jardaneh Group is one of the region’s leading engineering, architectural and total infrastructure and construction management consultancies. Arabtech Jardaneh stands for global principles with global professional standards, by powerfully combining international standard specializations in many fields such as construction, architecture, urban planning, and civil and structural engineering.”



“The services that Engicon offer today were developed through hundreds of construction engineering projects across a diverse client base.

Engicon today commands a remarkable capacity for high efficiency and cost-performance. The company’s numerous accomplishments invited regional interest in their capacity for managing even the largest and most complex projects. Engicon now operates in different countries, including Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Palestine, Iraq and Kazakhstan.”





Method`s Clients in Banking & IT Sector.





 Arab Bank


“Our mission has been the road map for leading to the bank's significant role in developing Arab economies through financing strategic infrastructural projects across the Middle East /North Africa region (MENA).

With Headquarters based in Amman, Jordan, the Arab Bank constitutes the first private sector financial institution in the Arab World. 
Arab Bank has an unmatched Global Arab branch network with 600 branches spanning 30 countries in 5 continents. We enjoy prominent positions in key financial markets and centers such as London, New York, Dubai, Singapore, Zurich, Paris, Frankfurt, Sydney and Bahrain.”


  Gulf International Bank

“GIB services GCC-based clients in a range of specialized areas. These include corporate advisory, asset management, structured and project finance and GCC capital Markets activities.

GIB has dealing rooms in Bahrain, London and Riyadh, implementing hedging and investment strategies, trading security portfolios, and investing in specialized markets through external fund managers, to achieve risk diversification.”


 Jordan Ahli Bank


“Jordan Ahli Bank (previously Jordan National Bank) is a leading Jordanian institution, with a steeped national history and heritage. Jordan Ahli Bank was established in 1955.
Ahli Bank was the first national bank to be established in East Jordan Ahli Bank was the sixth public shareholding company to be established.

Today, regional presence in Lebanon, Palestine, Cyprus, and 19% stake in JIB (London).”



Method`s Clients in Government Sector.


General Authority for Civil Aviation


“Continuing to develop safe airspace, in accordance with the highest standards of safety, and to establish excellence in the services offered by our airports to all customers.

Development of air transport through constructing, managing, provisioning and operating airports and the air navigation infrastructure, and maintenance of systems, according to the latest, most stringent, standards. Applying rules, regulations, and procedures to ensure the safety and security of air transport.”


Saudi Fund for Development


“The Saudi Fund for Development was established by Royal Decree in the month of Sha'ban 1394 AH (1974) and began its operations in the month of Safar 1395 AH (1975). At the time of its inception, the Fund's capital amounted to 10 billion Saudi Riyals; however, due to the developing countries' increasing need for assistance in order to implement development projects, the Fund's capital has been augmented three times, and in 1991 totalled 31 billion Saudi Riyals. Despite the fact that the Fund has been operating for a relatively short time, it has made great strides in the area of international development co-operation. The Fund now contributes to the financing of 3750 projects in 71 countries, consisting of 41 African countries, 25 Asian countries, and five countries in other parts of the world.”


Saudi Ports Authority

The Saudi Ports are fully managed and operated by the private sector on a commercial basis. The Ports Authority still retains its supervisory role. The Saudi ports provide excellent services such as: Handling of all types of cargo, Three major container terminals, Two on the Red Sea (Jeddah Port), the third in the Arabian Gulf (Dammam), Two ship repair yards (in Jeddah and Dammam) with 4 floating docks for each.

Transshipment facilities, Re-export facilities, Passengers services, Transit services. “

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