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Book Title: Reinventing Project Management
Author: Aaron Shenhar & Dov Dvir

Ammar's review

The book is based on the well known fact that not all projects are treated or managed equally or the same.

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Book Title: Stillness Speaks
Author: Eckhart Tolle

Ammar's review

This book is about observing the stillness surrounding us, rather than the noisy commotion that stems from that stillness.

Books that Ammar has alreay read(Alphabetical Order):


Book Title: Blink
Author: Malcolm Gladwell

Ammar's review

This book goes against traditional wisdom of analyzing too much about how we make decision making rationale.


Book Title: Blue Ocean Strategy
Author: W. Chan Kim &
Renee Mauborgne
Ammar's review

The great idea of this book is know how to create uncontested market space and make the competition irrelevant.


Book Title: Crazy Bosses
Author: Stanley Bing

Ammar's review

The author makes the point that many bosses cross the line of being eccentric to becoming completely crazy.


Book Title: Dogbert's Management Handbook(Top Secret)
Author: Scott Adams
Ammar's review

This book offers sarcastic advice to managers on how to deal with different situations managers face at work.


Book Title: DOS for Dummies
Author: Dan Gookin

Ammar's review

The "For Dummies" series cover over a thousand different subjects including computers, business, and everyday life subjects.


Book Title: Fish Tales
Author: Harry Paul,
JohnChristensen, Philip Strand
Ammar's review

The sequel describes how the workers at the market were able to transform their workplace into a fun and palyful atmosphere to provide serious value to their customers and employees alike.


Book Title: Flawless Consulting
Author: Peter Block

Ammar's review

This book is one of the best references for defining consulting and distinguishing its required skills as separate and different from technical or personal skills. 


Book Title: Freakonomics
Author: Steven Levitt,
Stephen Dumber
Ammar's review

This book looks at economis from a compelling viewpoint that, even though very original, but still might relate more to the essence of economics as a science than many of the complicated references that only academics dare to explore.


Book Title: Getting to Yes
Author: Roger Fisher & William Ury

Ammar's review

This book shows how the traditional view of negotiations as being merely a haggling exercise over positions is not the best way to deal after all.


Book Title: Good to Great
Author: Jim Collins

Ammar's review

This book talks about how to make the leap from just a good company to a great company.


Book Title: Gung Ho
Author: Ken Blanchard & Sheldon Bowles

Ammar's review

This book shows in 3 easy steps how to release the energy and enthusiasm of your whole team and focus it on success.


Book Title: Handbook of Commonly
Used American Idioms
Author: Adam Makkai
Ammar's review

This book includes more than 2500 idiomatic words and expressions alphabetically listed and defined, each accompanied by a sentence.


Book Title: How Full is Your Bucket?
Author: Tom Rath & Donald Clifton

Ammar's review

This book is about the importance of being positive and helping others be positive by providing them and self with positive reinforcement whether at work or in personal life.


Book Title: How to Mind Map
Author: Tony Buzan

Ammar's review

The book talks about how the brain processes and stores information.


Book Title: How to Stop Worrying
and Start Living
Author: Dale Carnegie
Ammar's review

The book confirms that worry is more related to how people perceive things more than the severity of the actual situation. 


Book Title: How to Talk to
Anyone Anytime Anywhere
Author: Larry King
Ammar's review

Larry King gives down to earth practical advice on how to improve on a person's communication skills.


Book Title: How to Win Friends
& Influence People
Author: Dale Carnegie
Ammar's review

The book has over twenty five advices about how to win people, all tried and proven by Carnegie and famous leaders of modern times.


Book Title: Human Resource Skills
for the Project Managers
Author: Vijay K. Verma
Ammar's review

The book consolidates multiple research efforts on the subject of soft skills and their importance in managing projects.


Book Title: In Search of Excellence
in Project Management
Author: Harlod Kerzner
Ammar's review

The idea of the book is to look at why organizations are implementing project management, what value they got form the implementation, and how they went about it.


 Book Title: The Four Agreements
 Author: Don Miguel Ruiz

 Ammar's review

This is more of a self help book than a business book. It provides a powerful code of conducts to apply in today's tough business world. 


Book Title: The Power of Now
Author: Eckhart Tolle

Ammar's review

The author explains how most of the people on earth are living a dream. They are unconscious.


Book Title: Winning
Author: Jack Welch

Ammar's review

This book is about empowerment, effective communication, and integrity as the basic foundation for a successful CEO.

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